Rochesters Premier Hydro Store

#Hydro Inc opened in February 2020 to provide the Rochester community a full service hydro store with a knowledgeable staff where customer satisfaction is #1. Founded by Rob Bonfiglio, his wife, father and brother; they collectively have over 30 years of hydroponic, outdoor & soil growing experience. As a family owned and operated business we truly care about our customers and their grows! We only carry industry leading brands and nothing on our shelf is even close to the expiration date. Offering competitive pricing and an owner who will work with you / help your grow no matter your experience level. Stop in to the #1 rated hydroponics store in Rochester!

Owner with Decades of Experience

Owner Rob Bonfiglio has decades of experience in the hydroponics industry. From being a hands on grower himself, to working the retail side and even consulting; he never stops trying to learn about new hydroponic products, techniques and systems. 

"This place makes you feel right at home. Very kind and knowledgeable staff. Rob answered all my questions and gave me some new ideas. #1 shop in Rochester" - Bigbirds Gang


Fully Stocked Showroom

#Hydro Inc is the place for the newest & best hydroponic products! We are always doing R&D to bring in the best of the best for our customers and are consistently the first in ROC to do so. We receive multiple orders a week to ensure our showroom is always stocked for what your grow needs. We also offer extremely competitive prices to help you not break the bank! 

"Excellent selection. I got everything I wanted in my hands today. None of that waiting a week in the mail for stuff to come." - Joe Dibattisto

Rated #1 Hydro Store in ROC

"Place is absolutely great, staff knows everything you’d ever need to know and gets you the right product without pressing you to buy anything you don’t like. They have everything you want and treat the customers like family" - Ryan Jong

"The guy that runs the place is awesome. Every time I go there I leave there with a little bit more knowledge and my garden is benefiting significantly from it. Prices are close to or already better than anywhere else in the area. The type of establishment you don't mind spending your paychecks at" - Connor Armstrong

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Priority 

Our number one priority is customer satisfaction! We will never try to up-sell you on products you don't need. We treat your grows like our own and care for every issue/question customers have. Our packages and set-ups are completely customizable to fit your growing needs. No matter if you're an experienced grower or just starting out, we treat everyone the same and are here to help! 

"Owner is very knowledgeable and doesn't just try to up sell you something you dont need. He actually recommends a product that was cheaper than the one I was looking at and works just as well! Thanks for your honesty and integrity guys." - Benz World

Featured Products

#Hydro Inc is an exclusive retailer of the Purpl PRO! This state of the art technology allows you to measure the amount of THC/CBD in Cannabis & Hemp; as well as measuring water activity & humidity within seconds. The PRO scans with wavelengths of light to read at a molecular level and is accurate within +/- 2% of THC. Stop in today to have us test your product, or purchase a kit yourself to ensure you always know what you're smoking! 

Gaia Green

Gaia Green Premium Organic Fertilizer Blends are designed to improve the general vitality of your soil. Their blends are formulated using only the finest organic and mineral inputs to ensure a range of essential nutrients. All products are made with no added synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.


Recharge is an all-in-one organic additive that saves you time & money. The natural chelators in Recharge make more nutrition available to the roots for faster and stronger growth. #Hydro Inc was the first in the area to bring in this amazing product because we believe in its ability. "Undiluted, uncut and delivered at true professional strength concentrations."

FloraFlex MicroDrip System

Don't waste your time hand watering anymore! This system delivers nutrients and water to your plants at regular intervals through the use of feeder lines and hydroponic drip emitters. While still having full control over the water and nutrient flow, this system helps minimize waste and save time.


PowerSi is a non-nutritional, silicone amendment that works very quickly. It works as a transport agent bringing nutrients from your root zone to the rest of your plants You'll notice improved strength from root to top. #Hydro Inc was the first in the area to bring in this amazing product because we believe in its ability.


Cutting edge LED technology; increased yield with decreased energy cost. PhotoBios distribute more canopy lighting to your crops and evenly disperse the light. In comparison to a 1000W DE, the PhotoBio MX 680W gives off 15% more light, while using 35% less power.

Athena Nutrients

Sponsored by Jungle Boys; this nutrients line is made by pros for pros! Athena is a salt-based pharmaceutical grade, pro and blended nutrients line. It gives growers one of the best, most cost effective nutrients line for their plants; while maintaining top quality standards. 

Exclusive Presenters of the ROC City Cannabis Carnival

The first ROC City Cannabis Carnival was held on Sunday Sept 5, 2021 in Scottsville, NY! It hosted 78 vendors of all cannabis types from flower, concentrates, edibles, CBD, t-shirt designs, jewelry, infused meals & more; and almost 5,000 guests! The goal of the Carnival is to bring the WNY Cannabis community together, keep revenue here in Upstate and show the community the amazing cannabis vendors right in their backyard. Our second carnival was held on Saturday Dec 18 at The Main Street Armory! It brought together over 90 local vendors, 4000 attendees, NY State Senator Jeremy Cooney and a wonderful stoner paradise for all. Spring Carnival '22 will be announced very soon!!!

Tent Packages

All tent packages are 100% customizable! Prices shown are before tax; please contact us with any questions.

"The Stumpy"

  • 6 Plant Cultivation
  • 3x3 tent
  • Flood Table set-up with Coco or Rockwool
  • Soil set-up
  • Prices Starting at $650+

"Just BUDginning" 

  • 6 Plant Cultivation
  • 4x4 tent
  • Flood Table set-up with Coco or Rockwool
  • Soil set-up
  • Prices Starting at $800+

"The Middle Child"

  • 6 Plant Cultivation
  • 5x5 tent
  • Flood Table set-up with Coco or Rockwool
  • Soil set-up
  • Prices Starting at $850+

"The Big Budder"

  • 6-12 Plant Cultivation
  • 4x8 tent
  • Flood Table set-up with Coco or Rockwool
  • Soil set-up
  • Prices Starting at $1900+

"Mac Daddy Grower"

  • 12-24 Plant Cultivation
  • 8x8 tent
  • Flood Table set-up with Coco or Rockwool
  • Soil set-up
  • Prices Starting at $3950+

"Grow Big or 
Go Gnome"

  • 24-36 Plant Cultivation
  • 10x10 tent
  • Flood Table set-up with Coco or Rockwool
  • Soil set-up
  • Prices Starting at $4300+

"Great place to purchase all your hydroponic garden needs! The folks who work there are very knowledgeable and helpful, and willing to share that knowledge with fellow gardeners. I will definitely be back !" - Lori Laine

"Lots of great items super friendly and they know what they're talking about they go above and beyond to help with all your needs" - Javier Vargas

"By far the best Hydro store in Rochester, the staff is extremely knowledgeable and helps you find solutions to all of your botanical needs...10/10 would recommend" - Dirk Diggler


"Love this store! Living in Rochester and have a few closer options but prefer to shop at #Hydro Inc.. Their staff is extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and take the time to answer any questions a beginner like me might have. Never try to oversell, and carry quality gear and nutes. I’ll be taking the drive out more frequently." - Benjamin Perez


"I can’t say enough great things about #Hydro. They are a family owned business and they all truly know their craft. They are incredibly knowledgeable and always have an answer for my gardening needs. Highly recommended! 10/10" - Steve VanDeWalle


"Rob and his staff are amazing! the products, and the customer service go beyond 5 stars in my opinion, by far the kindest most educated people around. I recommend this store to everyone I know and never leave disappointed and always look forward to coming in!" - Shyla Mariee

"They didn't have what I was looking for but Rob ordered it for me and let me know when it arrived. Awesome service, I wont be going anywhere else." - Derek Knight


"Love this store. Everything I've needed they have had. Fertilizers, watering system supplies, and grow lights. Very friendly! Will keep shopping here." - Laura Judd


"What an incredible atmosphere. You really have to check this place out! Super friendly staff and super clean showroom!!! I feel like once people find out about this place you wont shop anywhere else." - Joey Jeeps

Phone: (585) 488-GROW

Hours: Mon - Sat 10am-7:30pm & Sun 10am-4pm

Location: 5247 W Ridge Rd, Spencerport, NY 14559